About Company
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The construction company "Inturistbuild" was created in 1978 and was called Stroitelniy trest "Souzinturiststroy" pri Goskominturiste SSSR. It was the construction of intourist 's most responsible construction throughout the former Soviet Union: in Moscow, Smolensk, Ujjorod, Stavropol, Kherson, Anapa, Kobuleti, Batumi and other cities.

    Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, since 1999, it has been registered as 'IntouristMaster' and continues to build various projects.

The company "Intouristmansen" in Batumi has its business yard (2400 m2) and industrial building 343 m2. Meter, where there are various workshops. The enterprise is staffed with highly qualified personnel. "Intouristbuild" LTD has a joint venture "Tbilaviabuild", which is called "Aviaintouristbuild" LLC and Director and Partner is Mr. Zurab Pataraia, (Director of Intouristbuild" Ltd ).